West Cheshire Facilities Management Fire and FloodAccidents and property damage are an inevitable fact when in business and Fire and Flood are an extremely common event. For businesses it is vital that they respond to this damage in a quick and efficient manner, ensuring that they return to business trading as soon as possible. Working closely with businesses and insurance companies, West Cheshire Facilities Management  will get you back running whilst taking on the strain for you.

After a fire has been put out, the building can be in total devastation, even if it was a small fire, there can be smoke staining and debris everywhere. This is where our Fire and Flood Re-Instatement experience is second to none. Removing the burnt debris, washing down walls floors and ceilings of smoke and soot (inside and out), carry out any structural repairs needed and finally re-decorate to its original state.

Flood damage can be anything from a burst water pipe to a heavy downpour entering a building. West Cheshire Cleaning Services treat Flood damage issues with the highest urgency, pumping out any level of water from anywhere. Then we set about extracting water from carpets, after which we can then bring in large carpet driers, and de-humidifiers to dry out walls and furniture etc.

If there is any structural damage, then we are able to handle urgent construction and renovations that you may need, returning your business back to its trading position with the minimum of fuss.

Unfortunately, Fire and Flood damage is not restricted to businesses, domestic homeowners regularly face these issues and require the same response as businesses. We work with the homeowner, the insurance companies and local emergency responce teams to ensure that homeowners are returned to clean, safe and hygienic accommodation as soon as possible.

If you need our Fire and Flood services, then please ring us now and discuss your urgent needs.