West Cheshire Facilities ManagementClinical Syringe and Medical Waste

West Cheshire Facilities Management offer a 24hour Syringe and Medical Waste collection service throughout Wirral, Merseyside, Liverpool and the Northwest, including any remedial works required for the area cleaning where drug use has taken place.

All our Syringe and Medical Waste operatives are supplied with Needle stick proof gauntlet gloves and collection devices in order not to be injured during the collection process. For our contract clients, we supply all the relevant containers required and operate a collection and replacement service as required. All items are disposed of in a safe and regulated manner with all relevant documentation supplied.

As part of the syringe and medical waste service, West Cheshire Facilities Management also collect and dispose of any forms of medical waste including prescription drugs. All this medical waste is disposed of in a safe, legal and environmentally friendly manner, with all relevant documentation supplied to relevant parties.

West Cheshire work very closely with local community drugs centres across the region and in conjunction with them we are able to help pinpoint any drug activity within the area, and build up a picture of where drug use is mainly being done.

Syringe Disposal bins and clear instructions can be provided to any organisation that require safe disposal, including needle clippers which cut the sharp end off a needle and retain the point within the clipper for safe disposal. We work with Local Authorities as arrangements for disposing of full sharps bins vary from area to area.

When your sharps bin is full, you may be able to return it to your GP surgery
or local pharmacy. Some GP surgeries and pharmacies run free collection

Many areas in England have needle and syringe programmes that provide free
supplies of clean needles and advice on disposing of used needles safely.
Contact your local primary care trust to find out if there’s a programme in your area.

For more information about our Syringe and Medical Waste Services, contact us directly and we can discuss your requirements.