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Void Property Clearances

Void Property clearances and Life of Grime projects – West Cheshirecan remove the worry and deliver peace of mind in the process. Our Industrial Hygienist Teams have each been trained by the NHS for cross-infection and know how to clean and why. We like our staff to deliver our services to the Governments minimum guidelines as standard. We can carry out Syringe sweeps as a minimum when agreed with each client, Rubbish can be Removed or Upcycling of any furniture can be offered which could give discounts to the overall cost. Our service is available throughout the North West. #RelocationSpecialists#LifeofGrime#RubbishRemoved#HouseClearance#CrossInfectionControl#SyringeRemoval#PropertyHygieneSpecialists#EstateAgentCleans#FinalCleans

We Know Why We Clean

“We know Why we Clean” Our Factory Cleaners and Washroom Hygienists reflect our customers attitude that they have to their employees – here at this factory in North Wales we supply all Janitorial products, Floor Textile protection systems and our Industrial Hygienists deodorise and disinfect all surfaces on a Daily basis 7 days a week. If you would like a quotation for your Factory Cleaning requirements, call us today 01516302147. #factorycleaning #deepcleaners #janitorialsuppliers

Life Of Grime

Going through clothing and performing syringe sweeps for discarded sharps, can be a pain-staking process. Separating these items ensures they don’t contaminate normal waste streams complying with all Environment Agency guidelines. #syringesweeps #lifeofgrime #rubbishremoved #voidpropertyclearances

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