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West Cheshire Facilities Management provide a first-class service for Landlords of residential and commercial properties. Maintaining your properties and ensuring a quick turnaround between tenancies will ensure your return on investment is not affected. West Cheshire provide all the services needed to maintain and prepare your properties for you and your tenants, including routine maintenance, end of tenancy cleans, grounds management and rubbish removed.

Bereavement & Probate

During difficult times for family, West Cheshire can provide all the services needed to vacate a house after the death of a home owner of tenant

End of Tenancy Cleans

Ensuring that your property is clean and fit-for-purpose for your new tenants

Fire & Flood Re-instatement

Specialist teams can ensure your premises are cleared, cleaned and reinstated as quickly as possible following a fire or flood, reducing the negative impact on business and lives.

Garden & Garage Clearances

Specialist removal and disposal of rubbish left in garden areas and garages by residential and commercial tenants

Grounds Maintenance

Garden and land maintenance, fencing, boundary and hedges, clearance and rubbish removed

Home Declutter Specialists

Efficient and discrete teams can help Lamdlords and tennants declutter their living spaces and ensure all rubbish is removed

Helping Hands

Providing a wide range of specialist support to those less able in rented accommodation

Life of Grime

Specialists in “non-routine” cleaning including, mould, grime, graffiti, chewing gum, body fluids and more

Property Clearances

Full and part clearances of any residential or commercial property

Vegetation & Tree Management

Garden and land maintenance, boundary, tree and hedges management before, during and after tenancy and renewals