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pest control

West Cheshire Facilities Management offer a full Pest Control and Fumigation Service to Commercial and Domestic properties across Merseyside, Wirral, Liverpool and the Northwest Region. Legislation is extremely tight, dependent upon your home or business, so early detection, prevention and removal of any pests is essential to your well-being.

Bird Dropping Removal

Removal, cleaning and prevention of bird droppings which can cause slip hazards, insects and infection

Bird Netting & Spiking

Removal and preventative measures against birds lodging in your buildings which can lead to further property and health hazards

Flea Infestation Resolve

Identification, extermination and removal of all evidence of infestation and installation of preventative measures for the future

Rodent Control

Professional identification and targeted treatments for all rodent types along with relevant documentation and preventative measures and advice

Wasp & Bee Hive Control

For Wasps and Bees that take up residence in unwanted areas, specialists can ensure a swift and efficient removal of all unwanted visitors